Philip Guo & I talk about scicomm

The summer before I started grad school, I scoured the Internet for first-person accounts of what it’s really like to be a PhD student. I had just committed to doing a PhD in Cognitive Science at UCSD and figured that would be a good time to find out what I was in for.

Philip Guo‘s PhD memoir, the PhD Grind, was the most satisfying – check out my earlier post with reflections and favorite quotes to learn more about his free e-book. Just a couple years later, Philip came to UCSD Cognitive Science as a professor where he does research on human-computer interaction, online learning, and computing education.

He also creates some podcasts – “video interviews of interesting people [he] know[s].” I somehow fell into that category, and Philip and I had a fun conversation about science communication. We touched on the science of science communication, the blogging seminar I’m co-teaching, and how I discovered and pursued science communication.

You can read more and watch our conversation on Philip’s site.

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