12 drinks a day make the brain go away

NeuWrite San Diego

More alcohol is consumed on New Year’s Eve than any other day of the year. That bottle of champagne may seem like the perfect way to ring in another year of health and happiness, but is it really the smartest choice for optimal brain health? Tales abound that drinking alcohol rots the brain and is a surefire way to drop a few IQ points. Are these claims justified by neuroscience research, or are they simply scare-tactics promoted by fear-mongering prohibitionists?

Does alcohol really damage the brain?

If you’re planning a carefreenight of binge-drinking this New Year’s Eve, you might want to hold off reading the rest of this article until January 1; a new study1 provides compelling evidence that excessive drinking is indeed detrimental to the brain. Although prior studies have reported correlations between chronic alcohol consumption and brain shrinkage 2,3, it has been challenging to rule…

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